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Applied Data and Analytics Strategy

More Businesses are leveragind data and analytics to gain efficiencies and competitive advantages. However, very few businesses have a clear data and analytics strategy and playbook to guide their businesses forward while embraching digital changes effectively. Otics's applied data and analytics strategy services is a unque offering that aims to consolidate business and IT people and processes within the Data and Analytics context. Together, we have proven that businesses can thrive in a constantly changing digital world that leverages data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to reduce costs, increase revenue streams and create advanced customer experiences for the world of today and tomorrow.

1. Applied Strategy at your fingertips
2. Enable fast to market, fast to fail concepts
3. Accelerate development of machine learning model development and operationalization with data streams
4. Integrate outcomes from transactional machine learning models in any technology using Kafka or Redpanda across your organization

AI at Scale with Data Streams

TML allows you to scale real-time AI solutions without the heavy compute costs that accompany machine learning models. TML-VIPER can be installed On-Prem to leverage compute power on servers. Whether you make 100 predictions or 100 billion predictions per day, TML-VIPER unique technology gives you the power without the high compute costs.

1. Implement small scale to massive scale solutions
2. Integrate thousands of models in a System of Systems architecture
3. Make predictions in milliseconds using our Hyper-Prediction (HPDE) technology
4. Add machine learning to IoT Edge devices with HPDE technology.

Seamless Integration

TML technology is architected using a multi-layer hierarchy, whereby a Data Layer is accessed and analysed by agents in the Analytics Layer. Using the MAADSTML Python library - it can be integrated in almost any technology that stream data to Kafka (or Redpanda) in the cloud or on-prem. This integration allows users to extend these technologies with advanced algorithms, that are created in-memory, without the need for third-party ML libraires like TensorFlow, Scikit, etc thereby reducing the risk from third-party libraries.

1. Ever growing number of technologies to integrate
2. Supercharge your LOB applications with predictive and prescriptive analytics
3. REST API based architecture of all TML products makes predictive and prescriptive analytics accessible
4. Integrate hyper-predictions in Android or iOS Apps with TML java connector
5. Low-cost of TML solutions at scale.

Glass-Box Model

We believe in providing the most amount of data available in order to enable the end user to make good business decisions. Our glassbox approach enables us to provide extensive model reporting and outputs that users can further extend on or use to substantiate their business decisions.

1. Pick and chose your data points to justify your analysis
2. Advanced what-if analysis using reverse proxy allows users to execute machine learning models in real-time
3. PDF reports on machine learning models shows extensive data and provides Model Explainability
4. Model management, security and auditability are core to TML technology

Our Products

Watch the video. All of our products are Free for anyone to use for non-commercial purposes: Download from Github

VIPER Is souce and sink Apache Kafka connector: A Cross-Platform Technology For Managing, Publishing and Consuming Streaming Insights From Distributed Algorithms, Using Apache KAFKA® and TML. It is one of a few technolgies that uses Kafka to manage and deliver algorithms' insights at scale with data streams. Read more about Viper here.

VIPERviz is a visualization binary that directly connects to Kafka and streams data directly to the client browser over websockets. No databases needed. Users can create amazing real-time dashboards with ease using simple javascript and html. Here are some examples of streaming dashboards with Viperviz.
HPDE (Data Stream AutoML)
Scaleable and flexible AutoML technology specifically designed for Data Streams. Perform real-time processing and apply advanced linear and non-linear algoeithms like Ridge regression, gradient boosting, linear regression, logistic regression and neural nets to data streams.
MAADSTML is a Python library specifically for TML solution development. It communicates with TML binary: VIPER to process streaming data using REST API.
Companies Consulted

What we do

We Create Applied Data and Analytics Strategies for Your Business to thrive with Advanced Data and Analytics Solutions that Solve Critical Business Problems

We are Data and Anaytics Strategy Experts that follow a simple process: 1) Define the organizational goals 2) Develop an applied data and analytics strategy that meets the goals 3) Build a data and analytics playbook that sustains the growth and embraces digital changes for continous acceleration and maturity of the business for years to come.

We Apply our Strategy and Implement Analytic Solutions that Execute the Strategy with Data Streams, AI and Transactional Machine Learning

We are TML and Data Stream Science and Kafka experts that follow a simple process: 1) Define the problem 2) Define the methodology that will solve the problem 3) Iterate with multiple solutions to the problem fast 4) Build trust and confidence with the client in the solution 5) Operationalize the solution. 6) Go find another problem to solve for the client.

We will NOT leave you hanging. We support our TML solutions so you can focus on using the outcomes for your business growth

We build and support TML solutions for our clients using Viper, HPDE, Viperviz. We create business value for customers using data streams. We did it in IoT, Energy and Health Care, Finance, and more.

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